Dear Mr. Wolf,
i apologize for being a wiki idiot and posting my page on the home page instead of creating a new one.
I tried to fix it to the best of my abilities!
- hp

Go to this website to pick a species! Make sure it is marked E

You will create a wiki page of your chosen animal. The following information is required:
external image 0clip_image002.png
Name: (5 points)
Your name
Common name of animal
Scientific name,
Nickname (ie: King of the Jungle)

Description: (10 points)
What category is the species: fish, amphibian, reptile, mammal, marsupial, etc.
What does the species look like: Provide a physical description and a picture
What does the species eat: Provide a description of eating habits and favorite foods
Describe their breeding: lay eggs, live birth, how many young, etc.

external image 0clip_image004.pngHabitat: (10 points)
What countries/continents are they located?
Historic range/current range
Where do they live/nest?
Are they migratory?
Above or below ground? Do they hibernate?
Predators or interspecies relationships?

Problems: (10 points)
Why has the species become endangered: Loss or change in the environment? Loss of food supply? Are they hunted for food or value? Disease?

Solutions: (10 points)
What steps have been taken to protect the species?
Have plans been made to improve the environment of the species or have they been moved to another environment? Are there breeding programs in place to increase population? Are there any organizations that have assisted in improving the environment of the species?

References: (5 points)
Include a list of your sources on the bottom of your page. Please include the names of the websites, author and exact URL addresses.