Mountain Zebra
Equus zebra zebra
The Moutain Zebra is a mammal.
cape-mountain-zebra.jpg 25499.jpg
This image is of a Hartmann's Mountain Zebra. This image is of a Cape Mountain Zebra.

The mountain zebras diet consists of tufted grass, bark, leaves, buds, fruit and roots. If a water source isn't present the mountain zebra often dig for ground water.
Since both breeds of mountain zebras are mammals they both give live birth. The zebras
will breed year round and then the female gives birth to a single foal after a 1 year pregancy period.

The mountain zebra is naturally found in Africa.The Hartmann's zebra is native to south-western Angola, Namibia and South Africa. The Cape Fear zebra is native to in the Western and Eastern Cape in South Africa. The mountain zebras are found above ground, but they do tend to roll on the ground occasionally.
The lion, cheetah, hyena, and other big cats are considered predators to the mountain zebra.

The mountain zebra has become endangered for many reasons. Many people hunt the zebras for money, fur, and for food. It is not just physical harm being done to the zebras causing them to be endangered. People in Africa are taking over the land the zebras live on, to farm or to raise livestock. Do to the land being taken over by humans it causes the zebras to lose feeding grounds and forcing them to move.

Ideas have been tossed around about how to help the mountain zebra. Now there are stricker hunting regulations and land protection.