Eastern Puma
Scientific Name: Puma concolor cougar
Nickname: (Panther, mountain lion)

  • Category: mammal
  • Physical Description: A puma is usually light brown and it has a long, slender body. The puma has a long tail and a broad head and round erect ears. The average length of a male including the tail is 8 feet.
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  • Pumas diet: Their favorite food is hooved animals. They primarily eat white-tailed deer, but they also eat elk, baby moose, bighorn sheep, porcupines, and other small rodents. When they are provided the chance, they will also prey upon cattle and sheep. They use the stalk and abush method to capture their prey.
  • Breeding Description: They give birth to live young, called cubs. A puma mother can have a litter ranging from 1 to 6 cubs, but typically just have 2 or 3. Only the female has a job in raising the cubs, and she will protect them fiercely from any animal, even bears.

  • Location: Eastern pumas are found in the United States of America. Puma's can be found in the Western Hemisphere as far north as Canada and as far south as the Southern Andes in jSouth America.
  • Historic Range: Once roamed the eastern United States from Maine to South Carolina, and they were also found as far west as Tennessee and Michigan.
  • Live/Nest:
  • Puma's are not migratory. Just like any other cat, they have a large territory that they roam and protect.