Apes 2nd period

Common Name: Canadian Lynx
Scientific Name: Lynx Canadensis
Nickname: Lynx
external image canadian_lynx.jpg

Description:Lynxes have a white tipped tail and long hind legs but a short tail. The lynx is a mammal and its major source of food is the snowshow hare. It also eats small rodents and ground birds. Female lynx produce between 1-8 kittens and if there is an abundance of prey lynx will breed as early as 10 months.

Habitat: Lynx live in Canada, Alaska, and parts of the U.S. Lynx den in caves, hollow logs, and beneath roots. The lynx migrate yearly to follow prey.

Problems: Lynxes are commonly trapped becuase they are easy to trap and humans are continually degrading their habitat. Also humans kill 11 million snowshoe hare a year which is the lynxes major sourceof food.

Solution: In 2008 the Center for Biological Diversity litigated 25 million acres for protective habitats to allow the lynx to recover.